General information

Are you interested in relaxing and releasing stress through Yoga?

Private classes could be arranged during the day with Temenuga Staykova.

The teaching method is Integral yoga.

In Integral Yoga not only the “physical” body is accessed but also the energetic, mental, emotional, psychic & spiritual “bodies”, balancing and harmonizing the various aspects of the human personality.
As raising awareness is the key in all practices, the classes are suitable for all levels.
A typical Yoga class has several components: asanas (yogic postures), and pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and meditation so all layers of the personality are activated.
Integral Yoga works on different levels of our existence removing imbalances and improving mental behavior and attitudes to life, becoming happier, healthy, relaxed & joyful human beings.
Yoga is the best system for relaxation of body and mind and 80% of all common diseases can be prevented or greatly reduced through yoga.

Please visit us at the following address:

1142 Sofia, 17 “13 March” Str., fl. 2
(in the area of National Palace of Culture, crossing of Liuben Karavelov Str.)

Mobile phone:

0886 800 733 – Temenuga Staykova