Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is used as an alternative, parallel or supportive practice in case of physical emotional or mental imbalance. It requires private class with an individual program.
Yoga therapy is successfully applied for chronic and slight pains, psychosomatic symptoms, stress, anxiety, faintness, lack of self-confidence. It is also most useful with first stages of genetic diseases. It is essential to have a positive attitude, persistence, patience and to make personal efforts to deal with the problem. It takes time to recover, yoga is not like taking a pill and feel better in a minute. That is why it is important to take measures on time. The more you delay, the longer is the recovery process.

Therefore, it is assumed that the best means for maintaining balance is PREVENTION.
Yoga is successfully combined with an appropriate diet, daily routine, ajurveda, massages, homeopathy or other energy practices as well as psychotherapy. Sometimes it is recommended to work with a specific therapist.
Yoga therapy is not recommended in cases of a severe inflammation, severe pain, a need for life-saving operation or surgical intervention, emergencies. It is also not recommended in cases of mental disorder, final stages of cancer, AIDS, critical stages of diseases, when emergency assistance and medical treatment are needed.