Yoga practices for the back

Many people choose yoga as а prophylactic treatment of stiffness and pain in the back. The most common reasons are:
– Bad posture, continuous work with a computer without changing the posture;
– Lack of physical activity;
– Trauma;
– Being in a draughty place (with air conditioning for example);
– Incorrect bending;
– Physical strains;
– Pregnancy
However, most important is the stress factor.

Combining light physical activities for stretching the muscles, strengthening the abdominal area and the back as well as the relaxation practices, greatly help to deal with the discomfort. Keeping the mobility of the back, developing strength and flexibility аre necessary in order to avoid serious crises and to prevent the pain from sciatica, slipped disk. The aim is to build a strong muscular system to preserve the spinal vertebraes like a belt. Everyday practice is needed in order to achieve the results. The effect comes with perseverance and persistence.